Pop Fizz Clink!




- 36 Inch Mylar Champagne Bottle Balloon (can be filled with air and hung, or with helium)

- Straw to inflate your balloon

- Optional balloon garland kit includes balloons, strip to attach balloons, string to hang and instructions.

- Select size of "bubble" balloon garland with pulldown menu

- Bubble colors: champagne, silver chrome, gold, clear. If you would like custom colors please contact me.

- You'll just need some tape to stick this up on a wall, or hooks to tie onto, and you're good to go! No tape or hooks? no problem - keep them loose for some super fun Photo Booth props!

- Everything ships flat with instructions and should take about 20 minutes to create - perfect for bringing in luggage to decorate while on a trip!


GET THE LOOK IN THE PICTURE: Order bottle + 3FT bubbles!

DIY Champagne Bottle Balloon Garland Kit